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Bathrooms? Transmen? What nonsense.

Adrain on Society

Transmen are used to being ignored. No, that’s OK. In many ways it’s good. It means that we can sneak in and point out all the flaws in anti-trans thinking, which is usually stacked against transwomen, and ignores us completely.

Take the Great Bathroom Debate. The thinking goes thus: If you let transgender people go into whatever bathroom they like, you’re going to get a bunch of people who look like men appearing in the women’s bathroom.

Here’s the problem. If you don’t let transgender people go into whatever bathroom they like, you’re going to get a bunch of people who look like men appearing in the women’s bathroom.

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The Great Bathroom Debate

As the mother of a transgender child, this is important stuff.

Adrain on Society

Which public bathrooms should transgender people be using? I’m a transman, and it was put to me by a friend that the whole argument is trivial, and that trans people should suck it up and go wherever our junk dictates.

I’ll explain why he is wrong. Firstly and most obviously, most transmen don’t get genital surgery, but we do look entirely male in every other way. For more information on how the bathroom debate totally ignores the reality of transmen, go here.

The next thing that needs to be understood is how it feels to be a trans person in public places. In my early days of transition, everything was important. A day when I did not “pass” for male felt like month’s worth of progress had been lost. There’s no way to describe this, other than gut-wrenching.

I can’t comment on whether that’s an overraction. I can only…

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Claiming exceptions

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

‘That’s not true. That just happens on factory farms.  It doesn’t happen on allfarms‘.

This depressingly common statement appeared recently on a friend’s page in response to a post. It’s been lingering on my mind ever since because variations on ‘that doesn’t apply in every case, there are ‘good’ ways of doing it’, are a very common retaliation used by those seeking to defend, justify and solicit approval for their use of members of other species. It is an attempt to invalidate what is being said on the basis that someone, somewhere, claims there is an exception to whatever is being stated.

‘The way I use animals is different from the way that everyone else does it’

‘That only happens:

  • in ‘factory’ farms;
  • in ‘other’ countries;
  • in ‘battery’ chicken farms;
  • in ‘foreign’ slaughterhouses;
  • in ‘other’ cultures’.

‘That may happen in some places but:

  • not in this country (wherever);

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Wishes as another year ends

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

It wasn’t always so, but the longer I advocate for the rights of the innocent victims of our species, the more increasingly difficult I find the festive season. In my usual way, I’ve tried to work out why this should be, because after all, today, as the year wanes, the world is no less vegan than it is at any other time of the year. Like everyone else, I am constantly surrounded by a culture that has normalised the most sickening brutality; a brutality that has been re-branded for uncritical consumers in such a way that the majority are not only oblivious, but in deep denial about their complicity with the bloodbath and stanch in their perception of themselves as ‘animal lovers’.  I live in a society so entrenched in causing an endless bloodbath that they have learned to respond to the truth with outrage and aggression, so convinced are…

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FAQ – But don’t cows need to be milked or it causes them pain?

The dairy industry is one of the most exploitative industries devised by human beings, with the egg industry coming a close second. I will never understand why so many people when offered the truth about these things simply choose to go on ignoring it, as if we had never spoken. Where are the hearts of most of my species?

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

Q – Cows produce far more milk that a calf could drink. Surely we have to milk them or they will be in pain?

A – Once triggered by pregnancy and birth, the hormonal fluid known as ‘milk’ is produced for a time by lactation in a demand-led process.  I learned this first hand as a lactating mother, and it was indeed painful on those occasions when nursing was delayed.  As my children were weaned and their demands grew less, the supply diminished.  So from personal experience I am well aware of the mechanisms behind milk production as it applies to cows and other mammals for I am a nothing other than a mammal myself.

No one, however, would argue in favour of the forced reproduction of a human female followed by removal (killing or sale into slavery) of her infant in order to sell her breast milk* to another…

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The value of honesty – thoughts

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

Imagine you are face to face with two people. They are both keen for you to see things their way, but there’s a key difference between them.

Person 1

Although you’re not exactly sure how they do it (because they make absolutely sure you don’t), person 1 makes untold billions of $/£ every year; spends billions of $/£ on the most skilled marketers money can buy, to make sure that they manipulate your opinions to see things their way.

In press and on TV, in magazines and every type of media they incessantly present their products with a slant that makes them seem nice, normal and very desirable. They suggest that they’re necessary for your health and omit to mention that so many of the ‘studies‘ that suggest this were commissioned by themselves. They do this to protect their financial interests; so that you will keep buying their…

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Chickens are Plunged into an “Electrified Bath” as Part of Their Journey into Food but That’s not the Worst Part

Mercy for all Animals

chicken and rooster and chickI was tuned into NPR the other day and listened as a woman investigating how chickens are treated in the agriculture industry recited the processes as if she was going down a list of items on her shopping listno emotion, no questioning of why are we doing this to sentient animals?– just a recounting of what she had seen.

I was not surprised at the horror, as I’m well aware of the cruelty. What was possibly even more disconcerting is how the woman managed to be so, well, “clinical” about it all, so devoid of any real emotion, and how she happily claims she still eats meat from chickens she knows firsthand are treated with barbarity.

People like to feel good about themselves, and they don’t want to think that they might be causing harm to other living beings. In particular, most people who claim they “love” animals…

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