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A Poem for Her Part II: The Rescue

I wish we could save them all. I wish slaughter did not exist as a money making industry. I wish this world was kinder.

Mercy for all Animals

She stands before her killer
Wincing before his knife
She knows she can’t escape
And he will end her life

Then suddenly from outside
She hears human voices call
They know her name, they shout it!
But she’s trapped in this killing stall

Will she escape the killing floor?
Just before it’s too late?
Will kindly human beings
Intervene to alter her fate?

Then in the flash of a moment
Gentle hands caress her head
Merciful people whisper softly
There is now no need to dread

Their tender touch reminds her
Of the little boy on the farm
Who sweetly called her his friend
And would never do her harm

She wondered where he was
When men brought her to this place
She wanted to bellow for him to rescue her
And see his loving face

And then at once before her
She’s looking in his eyes
He wraps his…

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Who are the REAL victims?

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

Image by Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

It a simple statement of fact that our victims are sentient, that they value their lives and that we have no need to use them because every use requires that their right to live unharmed is overruled in favour of the convenience and indulgence of our species.

Today, reading comments. opinion pieces and articles on social media, a thought occurred to me. It seems that any statement of support for animal rights, the moment it is articulated, becomes an ‘attack’. Not only does putting nonhuman animals front and centre become an attack, but the ‘victims’ of the perceived attack are all desperate to draw attention to themselves as the one(s) subjected to the worst degree of offence.

Suddenly there are editorials and comments reacting angrily that this is anti-freedom-of-choice, anti-farming, anti-animal-consumers, and ‘getting at’ those who wish to continue to unnecessarily harm animals in various ways. Apparently…

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‘Convert’ you? You should be so lucky

My thoughts exactly. Which is the main reason I tackle Christians – I believe them to be capable of the highest good that humanity can achieve.

Adrain on Society

Recently, I discussed how it felt to be told that I am “not like one of those” vegans. What I didn’t discuss is how the speaker should have felt about their own experience of being prodded into veganism.

A friend of mine recently said that he likes me because, of all the vegans he knows, I am least likely to shove it in his face. As I discussed before, I am ambivalent about this. There is a difference between respecting the beliefs of others and standing by while atrocious things happen, because you don’t want to rock the boat.

But it also occurred to me: shouldn’t he be flattered if I did?

However uncomfortable it may be for he, a meat-eater, to hear my views on his consumption of animal products, the fact is that if I am not true to my strongly held beliefs, I am doing him…

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If only the world were vegan, what a great place it would be. There would be no wildlife crime, because everyone would respect animal lives and not wish to kill animals. There would be no rescue centres for abandoned, unwanted animals – because everyone would take good care of any animals who lived with them. There would be no slaughter trucks on the roads and no places where such trucks would go to send frightened animals to their deaths. There would be no animal farms. There would be no breeding of animals to sell for a profit.

If only the world were vegan, human beings might actually become a gentle species. We might have an end to wars and other violent acts – our tendency to violence could plummet.

If only the world were vegan, we would have animal crossings under and over major roads – to link habitats and reduce road kills – and woodland where there are currently animal sheds, pasture and all the other structures that are now part of the animal farming scene. We might actually manage to save some animals on the endangered list and have a natural world that is vibrant and full of variety. There would be no zoos, only wild creatures living as they should. There would be no hunting, no poaching, no fishing – nothing that harmed any creature. Humans would see themselves as sharing earth with other animals, and visitors to their habitats, not owners of every piece of land. We would cease to oppress and begin to bless.

If only the world were vegan we could unleash our imaginations to be creatively loving, instead of always being a destructive force. The oceans would be saved and human beings would be healthier. There would be a reasonable chance of a good future for all.

If only the world were vegan, life would be happy and good.

You’re not like those other vegans!

My son’s blog. I give nobody an easy ride. Eating animals is morally indefensible. Full stop.

Adrain on Society

I have thus far managed to escape the dubious compliment of “You’re not like the other vegans.” 

It’s probably the most back-handed compliment there is.

What the meat-eater means is:

“I like the fact that you don’t challenge me and just let me keep doing what I’m doing.”

There could be no greater knife to twist in the ribs of such a vegan. All that means is that they have been too cowed to make a stand, and have consequently allowed immoral behaviour to pass unchallenged.

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The Vegan Market is Shaking up the Status Quo

News I love to hear.

Mercy for all Animals

This video gives me great hope because it’s clear that when the powers that be are threatened, change is most definitely happening.

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Why don’t vegans accept your choice not to be?

The choice to eat animals offends me – as does the defence of this choice. I see no difference between dogs and pigs, but many people who defend their carnism, apparently do. They love and pet dogs but care nothing for pigs. That’s insane moral logic.

Adrain on Society

Non-vegans will often wonder why vegans can’t accept their free choice to eat differently. They reason, “I accept their choice to be different. It’s unfair for them not to return the courtesy.” But the two concepts are not comparable.

Imagine that you went to a high security prison and spoke to an inmate, incarcerated for killing multiple people. You ask him how he feels about non-murderers, and he says:

Urgh, I hate non-murderers. I think they should all convert to murdering. It’s the right thing to do.”

You’d be astonished, because that would be insane. In real life, your inmate friend would be highly unlikely to do this, because assuming he is unrepentant about the whole affair, he is an amoral agent in this scenario.

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