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Believe in the Beyond Burger

September 2, 2018

I’ve not tried this yet, because I’ve not found it anywhere I have gone. When I do, I’m ordering it. For now, I consider Iceland’s No Bull burgers to be as near to beef texture and taste as I’ve encountered so far since going vegan nearly 6 years ago. I do not miss the flavour of cooked animal flesh one little bit.

The Vegan Logician

I decided the other day to share my experience with the Beyond Burger – the famous vegan burger that famously tastes like beef. I say “famous” twice, to highlight how strange my next experience was.

Two of my meat-eating Facebook friends appeared and immediately questioned my judgement that the Beyond Burger does, indeed, taste like beef. They did not do so having tried it themselves.

Imagine if you were eating a sandwich with tomato, and said “This is a good tomato sandwich. It tastes very tomatoey,” and your friend – who isn’t currently eating your sandwich, so can’t comment on its tomatoiness one way or the other – leaned over and asked, “Are you sure it’s tomato?”

I think you’d say: “Yes, I’m sure it’s tomato. You must think I’m an absolute nincompoop who doesn’t know a tomato when he eats one.”

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