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We’re not isolating ourselves; we’re being alienated

August 3, 2018

A blog from my youngest son. Of whom I am very proud and with whom I am well pleased.

The Vegan Logician

For all the years I’ve been vegan, I’ve always accepted dinner invitations to dine with omnivores. I’ve always accepted that the world I see isn’t the same one as the one everyone else sees, and while I patiently wait for it to change, I should not impoverish my social life by refusing dinner invites from friends or colleagues who are not ready to meet me where I’m at.

I used to think that there was Another Kind of Vegan, that purposefully separated themselves off, by refusing – wherever possible – to be in the company of others while they eat meat. My mother is one of them. The emotional heft of her decision to be vegan far outstrips my own. I can accept, grudgingly, that it’s not in my power to alter how others around me behave, and that you can risk alienating them if you make a strong stand…

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