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A Mass Hypnotic Trance

May 28, 2018

Wake up, people.Join with those who are working to make this world kinder to all kind.

Mercy for all Animals

see hear speak no evil

When reflecting on how genuinely and sincerely kind and loving human beings often completely dismiss or choose to ignore the suffering of other creatures for the food on their plates, I am reminded of the power of socialization, upbringing, and the deeply ingrained conditioning that told us that eating animals is “necessary and normal.”

In short, most of us are under a kind of mass hypnotic trance, which began when we were very young and caused us to disassociate from any “bad” feelings about eating the products of animal suffering and brutal, gory slaughter.

To be sure there are some people who have no problem with animal slaughter: they would be the workers at slaughter plants (obviously) hunters and farmers. Others are just simply not concerned in the least about animal cruelty and killing.

But those who don’t object to the brutality shown to other creatures by man are in…

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