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March 29, 2018

I think all human beings are naturally speciesist. When we feed our pets bits of other animals we are making a speciesist choice. As vegans we could, instead, make the choice that animals who need feeding with the flesh of other animals are not the right pets for us. In a majorly vegan world where animal slaughter would be legal no more, we will have to give up carnivorous pets or find a way to produce meat without killing, or make the decision that keeping pets is, itself, the action of a speciesist who thinks it’s ok to confine and control the lives of other creatures for the pleasure of being around them.

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bulldog-2403903_960_720Originally posted 6 August 2014, revised and links updated 22 January 2018

Speciesism is a pervasive form of prejudice, taught to us all in our earliest years, that blinkers members of our species into the unfounded belief that we are so much more important than, or so superior to all other beings on the planet that we may harm and kill them for whatever trivial reasons we devise, without conscience and without any moral justification whatsoever.  A form of oppression directed at other living individuals, speciesism is the practice of according or withholding the rights that belong to others by virtue of their birth, based solely upon their species. Much is written about the term, however we may easily gain awareness of it by examining our own attitudes and looking at the world about us.

How do we see speciesism in action?

Speciesism is happening when we needlessly slaughter and…

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