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Thoughts for another Mother’s Day

March 13, 2018

The sorrow and empathy I felt for mother cows having their infants snatched away from them so humans could have the milk they made for their babies turned me vegan overnight. I would have tried to kill anyone who had attempted to take away any of my babies soon after I birthed them and was flooded with hormones intended to bond me to them. It is monstrous that we inflict this pain on cow mothers, all for dairy milk which we do NOT need. Each time we pay for a bottle of this stuff, or a slab of cheese, an ice cream or bar of milk chocolate, we give our consent to this treatment of cows and their babies. We are committing atrocities. Let us face it and change our ways.

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Every festival and specially designated ‘day’ presents a shameless commercial opportunity to flood the market with consumer goods and Mother’s Day is no different. The shops are filling up with items targeted at those who gladly embrace this annual occasion to tangibly demonstrate the love and respect that they hold for the mothers in their lives. For some, that Mother is the one whose body created, nurtured and laboured to give birth to them; for others, that Mother is the mother of their children; for others that Mother is the special person who mothered them when they needed mothering despite there being no connection of blood between them. As a mother myself, I can say that motherhood is a role that does not depend on, or even require, acknowledgement or gratitude for its continuing, but deep down we all recognise and appreciate that for many of us, our mother is…

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