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We’ve all been Played

March 2, 2018

We are lied to relentlessly by the industries who profit from animal suffering and death. They have everything to lose if the truth gets out. Don’t be conned. Farming animals is horrific exploitation, slaughtering them is brutal violence. Do not be a part of this atrocity please. Find your heart and your courage. Go vegan.

Mercy for all Animals


It sucks to face it, but every one of us has been played and continues to be played by the industries that make enormous profits off animals who are exploited without mercy.

I note that when I watch TV I’m constantly faced with the bombardment of animal parts shown continuously to make sure people see that pieces of animal bodies are delicious and normal to enjoy.

This constant drumbeat on behalf of selling animal body parts to consume is done very well and we all know that when something is perpetually shown to us as acceptable, mainstream, necessary and normal, we all begin to feel that it must be ok then.

Of course, what they don’t show is the animal on the factory farm or in the slaughterhouse.

That might ruin our appetites.

I can hear the big meat and dairy industry leaders and owners of fast food restaurants…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this, my friend and for always speaking out for animals! xx

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