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A Poem for Her Part II: The Rescue

June 3, 2017

I wish we could save them all. I wish slaughter did not exist as a money making industry. I wish this world was kinder.

Mercy for all Animals

She stands before her killer
Wincing before his knife
She knows she can’t escape
And he will end her life

Then suddenly from outside
She hears human voices call
They know her name, they shout it!
But she’s trapped in this killing stall

Will she escape the killing floor?
Just before it’s too late?
Will kindly human beings
Intervene to alter her fate?

Then in the flash of a moment
Gentle hands caress her head
Merciful people whisper softly
There is now no need to dread

Their tender touch reminds her
Of the little boy on the farm
Who sweetly called her his friend
And would never do her harm

She wondered where he was
When men brought her to this place
She wanted to bellow for him to rescue her
And see his loving face

And then at once before her
She’s looking in his eyes
He wraps his…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this, my friend. Check out Part I if you haven’t already. I’m so glad there are caring people like you in this world. 🙂 xx

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