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April 17, 2017

If only the world were vegan, what a great place it would be. There would be no wildlife crime, because everyone would respect animal lives and not wish to kill animals. There would be no rescue centres for abandoned, unwanted animals – because everyone would take good care of any animals who lived with them. There would be no slaughter trucks on the roads and no places where such trucks would go to send frightened animals to their deaths. There would be no animal farms. There would be no breeding of animals to sell for a profit.

If only the world were vegan, human beings might actually become a gentle species. We might have an end to wars and other violent acts – our tendency to violence could plummet.

If only the world were vegan, we would have animal crossings under and over major roads – to link habitats and reduce road kills – and woodland where there are currently animal sheds, pasture and all the other structures that are now part of the animal farming scene. We might actually manage to save some animals on the endangered list and have a natural world that is vibrant and full of variety. There would be no zoos, only wild creatures living as they should. There would be no hunting, no poaching, no fishing – nothing that harmed any creature. Humans would see themselves as sharing earth with other animals, and visitors to their habitats, not owners of every piece of land. We would cease to oppress and begin to bless.

If only the world were vegan we could unleash our imaginations to be creatively loving, instead of always being a destructive force. The oceans would be saved and human beings would be healthier. There would be a reasonable chance of a good future for all.

If only the world were vegan, life would be happy and good.


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