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‘If my life depended on it’ – my careless words

February 8, 2017

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

goats-1993649_960_720Today in a conversation, I found myself commenting that I would be unable to do something (it was drawing actually) ‘if my life depended on it’.

Some time later, it occurred to me just what a careless, throw-away term that was for me to have used. It was meaningless. I suddenly realised that I had no concept of doing something, or indeed not doing something, as ‘if my life depended on it’.  In my life as a member of the dominant species on the planet, and a relatively privileged member at that, there are very few actions that I would consider taking or not taking that would automatically result in my life being forfeit. I have no experience of living under the weight of a death sentence imposed on me by another sentient individual.

I found myself reflecting on how this phrase about life depending on actions, applies to the victims of the brutal…

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