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“It’s Not Like Someone is Right and Someone is Wrong”

January 26, 2017

Mercy for all Animals

see hear speak no evilI’ve heard this one before, and so has everyone else when you have a disagreement with another person; and in some cases, it’s true– i.e., when someone likes chocolate better than vanilla and the other person likes vanilla over chocolate. A simple difference in tastes.

But let’s take a closer look at this thinking when someone is defending a position that causes unnecessary suffering, such as why it’s o.k. to use animals (“God gave them to us to use”, “it’s tradition”,”we need animal products”, “we’re used to doing it”, etc.).

No one likes to feel they’ve been mistaken about something, and no one likes to have someone tell them how to think or feel.

I get that completely.

But if someone truly believes it’s o.k. to use animals, most of the time that person hasn’t a real clue as to how “using” them causes unimaginable suffering to sentient beings who…

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