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Thoughts about living in a nonvegan world

January 17, 2017

As I find out more, I change my behaviour. I respond as more knowledge comes my way. I live in the moment more, since I became vegan. I realise more fully that every small action and every word has much greater significance for the world than I ever imagined. I want all my interactions with the world now, to be about doing less harm and more good – in whatever way now presents itself to me as an opportunity.

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

cow-1832984_960_720There’s an Elephant in the Room was recently contacted with an enquiry about whether a vegan would continue to participate in activities that used nonvegan equipment.  Sharing my response.

Question: ‘I do have a question as to your opinion though about the extent that veganism goes…. could a vegan play football or cricket or support a team that does when the ball and some equipment is made from leather?’

Response: ‘Thanks for getting in touch. Yours is a good question that I’ve not been asked before and I intend to share my response in a blog because I’m sure others may have wondered the same. I can’t and won’t give you a one-line answer but I doubt if you’d have asked me of all people if that was what you wanted.

Sometimes, there is a perception of veganism as a restrictive list of do’s and don’ts and often…

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