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“That’s Different”

January 4, 2017

Is it different? Why is it different? Do not pigs feel pain just like dogs? Vegans know they do -many of us have watched slaughterhouse videos. To justify cruelty by saying ‘that’s different’ is just a way of saying ‘I don’t care’. That makes a person morally conflicted, to say the least. Eating animals messes with your sense of decency and muddles your thought patterns. Bloodies them even. Who among us would go out and pick up a piglet and chuck it at a concrete wall? If that idea makes you squirm, then you already realise that pigs are not different to dogs. Piglets are often smashed against walls or dashed on the floor of the slaughterhouse, Don’t believe it? Go watch some footage and see for yourself. It’s all under cover because nobody can legally film in one of these places. Ask yourself why.

Mercy for all Animals

matthew-scully-photo-and-quoteMe: “May I ask you a few questions respectfully?

Other Person: “Yes.”

Me: “Are you against wearing fur?”

Other Person: “I’m not sure.”

Me: “They anally electrocute or skin animals alive.”

OP: “That’s horrible, I’ll never wear fur and I’ll tell others about how cruel it is.”

Me: “Are you against dog fighting?”

OP: “Isn’t everyone who has compassion? I would immediately report a dog fighter.”

Me: “Are you against eating dolphins and whales?”

OP: “Of course, they are intelligent and don’t deserve to be harmed in any way.”

Me: “Are you against circuses that feature animals?”

OP: “I’m not sure.”

Me: “They treat the animals with cruelty, often chaining and beating some creatures, like elephants, to train them.”

OP: “That’s awful–I will never go to another circus with animals.”

Me: “Are you against using animals for testing?”

OP: “Yes, I buy products that say they’re aren’t tested on animals.”

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