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An open letter to “Firecracker”

December 27, 2016

This is one my son wrote soon after he went vegan. I still love it.

Adrain on Society

“urgh, this something that really annoys me where i live. in san fran there’re loads of vegans/vegetarians getting off on feelings of morally superiority. south park got it right in the ep about people in the bay area loving the smell of their own farts. the “superiority” they feel for being vegan is a clusterfuck of their own privilege.

“so you only buy your food from the farmer’s market and you can afford to spend thee dollars on an apple? great, but don’t you dare go shaming others for not doing the same. until you care about food politics and how it’s heavily tied with class – plus how class is tied to race and health – and are acting on that , I don’t think of your promotion of veganism as being anything other than pseudo-political masturbation.”

– “Firecracker”

Et tu, Firecracker?

I forget how young you are sometimes…

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