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Will we stop casual references to meat?

December 24, 2016

My son has much wisdom. I am a ‘very offended’ vegan when someone who knows I am vegan casually drops a reference to some cooked animal part in my presence. Mostly I suffer in silence and then vent on Facebook to my friends who will understand. But I go away from such encounters thinking less of those who dropped the ‘anti vegan casual, insensitive conversational ‘bomb’. I even often wonder if they did it on purpose to get a reaction from me – or even to ‘re-educate’ me back into my old. bad, now rejected mindset. I hate seeing adverts all around me for corpse parts and being around people who are eating them with such relish. It all makes me feel spiritually and physically sick.

Adrain on Society

I often wonder when the day will come when people around me will stop making casual meat references. Of course, to their perception, there’s absolutely no reason why they should. To them, food is food, it’s not offensive.

Meat is their food, and therefore meat is their normal dialect. To be made to change that at this juncture would be as intrusive as suddenly needing to switch to neutral pronouns, or attach -san to everyone’s name.

Conservatism of language is important to acknowledge because it plagues social issues. Talking is everyday, as is eating. To be required to force a shoe horn into either one of them makes people angry because it makes them uncomfortable.

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