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A thought for December

December 1, 2016

” In order to confine and kill animals for food we must repress our natural compassion” Dr Will Tuttle

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

1891215_543386635780474_748032105_nThe festive season is a time that we traditionally associate with love and joy and peace and giving.

We do not talk of the unspeakable harm we cause to vulnerable individuals, of needlessly and forcibly taking every single thing from them, of the orgy of killing and the rivers of blood from their unnecessary deaths. We never mention our callous violence towards the helpless and innocent who are begging for their lives in the slaughterhouses and laboratories at this very moment; the anguished mothers and their babies crying out for the comfort of each other as we pitilessly destroy their lives.

If we are not vegan, then this festive season, let’s be honest with ourselves and see our festive fantasy for the sham it is.

Once we recognise that there can be no true peace in our hearts or in the world until the violence stops, becoming vegan is the…

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