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Free Food

October 24, 2016

I love the idea of frugal living, for sustainability reasons, so picking fruit and using windfalls is part of my lifestyle. We too have heavy clay soil, but make our own compost from leaves (gathered from the street) and any vegetable waste plus teabags, used kitchen paper and newspaper plus all the straw and droppings from our guinea pig hutch. I can grow tomatoes and herbs using this. Most other things tend to get eaten by slugs and snails before they grow very much. Dandelions are good food – both flower and leaf, young nettles taste good too – the older, tougher leaves can go in the stock (or your compost!).

The £1.50 Vegan

I never intended to start my blog with free food, but I suppose where else could I start but at zero?

It’s a Sunday night and the food for the week has all but run out. I’ve got a lunch prepared for tomorrow and then it’ll be time to go and do the weekly shop (I’ll publish what we bought and where) tomorrow night.

I ought to start this post with a disclaimer: I have never been starving. I have never got to the point where there is nothing in the house. I have never gone bin-diving. I have always been lucky that even when the money for everything but essentials is gone, I’ve never had to be without food.

If you are at that point now, I recommend the earliest posts at Jack Monroe’s blog. Jack and her son, Small Boy, scraped together pennies for a few meals…

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