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“Only a Coward Stands by While Others Harm Those Who Cannot Defend Themselves”

October 8, 2016

The words are Ryan’s. I simply passed them on. Now they have been blogged, and I am re-blogging.

I do not really consider myself a brave person, but armed with the burning desire to see the end of animal harming and slaughter I am able to do and say things that once I would have thought I never could. When I was a child I was timid and shy. Now, although I do not welcome being in situations where I am not liked or am accused of being ‘pushy’ or ‘preachy’ or in some way forcing my views upon somebody, I nevertheless will carry on.

I know right from wrong and I know that bad things happen because good people stand by and do nothing. The number of really evil people in this world is small, but the number of apathetic people who enable evil to triumph is huge.

Mercy for all Animals


Words posted by a Facebook friend, Carol Williams from her friend Ryan Phillips:

“Please don’t let people murdering animals and feeling guilty about it silence you by calling you preachy, high and mighty or by telling you that you are getting on your moral soap box.

These are just tactics used by those who know we are spreading the truth and don’t like where the truth leads or the guilt it makes them feel.

There is no way of calling people out for harming animals that is too aggressive, too preachy or too anything.

People are paying for things to happen to animals that are beyond belief. They do not deserve the privilege of doing so without having it detailed to them exactly what they are causing.

If you don’t want to hear how a farmer rapes a cow, kills a calf and then abuses the mother until she…

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