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It Does Get “Tangled Up”

September 19, 2016

I am honoured that some of my words from a Facebook post made their way into this blog. May all our many voices and our many loving hearts join together as one to free the other animals of earth from oppression, violence and brutal slaughter.

Mercy for all Animals

woman-with-her-hand-raised-resisting-changeWhat I observe about human nature is that we are creatures who are profoundly proud and stubborn.

We don’t take easily to someone telling us what to do, think or feel.

I’ve said it before in other blogs: I get that.

I get it completely and I understand why people tend to get uncomfortable around vegans.

The vegan message is one that requires introspection and confronting ourselves in ways that aren’t always flattering and never easy.

I didn’t enjoy looking in the mirror and admitting that I was saying one thing (“I care about all animals”) and doing another (eating meat and dairy products), which was in complete contradiction to my most cherished views.

My extended family is a good example of people getting uncomfortable with a message.

Most of my cousins have hidden my posts from their Facebook newsfeeds.

I suspect I’m not being unfriended by them because, after…

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