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‘Hardly ever’ and ‘only a drop’

September 6, 2016

The pain and terror inflicted on badgers because of the dairy industry is not lessened by those who ‘only want a little milk’ on their cereal. All who buy dairy products pay for suffering and slaughter and are saying that they don’t care – their taste ‘entitlements’ are of paramount importance – way more important that any animal’s life.

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calf-1335472_960_720How often do we hear it said, ‘I hardly eat any meat’, or ‘I only take a drop of milk in tea’? It is as if we consider that the level of misery that we demand as consumers can be scaled down by such reductions.

This view occurs because we refuse to see our victims as individuals. Yet for the individual whose pitiful life was cut short in gore and screaming for us to have that piece of their desecrated flesh that we seek to downplay, the world ended a few days earlier and never again will they wake on a new day to hope. Their horror and their fear, their desperate struggles against the hard hands with their knives and saws, were no less for our trivialising. Their despair was not in any way lessened as the electric prods forced their faltering steps onto the kill floor.

For that…

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