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What does the fox want?

September 2, 2016

I love all wildlife. I am thrilled to have foxes visit my garden. They are beautiful animals. I respect their wildness. I wish them no ill. The guinea pigs have introduced a slight complication into the relationship between myself and the foxes, but we are working it out. Foxes really do need to be more wary of human beings – we are not to be trusted. Just because one human is kind, doesn’t mean the next one will be.

Adrain on Society

Anthropomorphism and Violence

“Just because an animal hunts, that doesn’t mean that’s all they do.”

Recently, we’ve had a handsome young fox visit our garden during the day. We’ve got guinea pigs, and we put them out on the grass in fine weather, so his presence gives my mum and I cause for concern.

Like a cat, he tends to stalk around the pen; it’s what they do compulsively, by instinct. When he starts getting too frisky, we chase him off to be safe, feeling bad as we do so.

If he is not being too frisky, we often let him roam. Indeed, we often don’t go outside when he’s there so as not to disturb him. Mum commented wryly that from the outside, that must seem completely counterintuitive.

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