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Vegans talk about veganism too much!

August 31, 2016

I talk about veganism all the time, to those who want to hear it and to those who plainly do not. I do it because 2000 animals a second are dying brutally in abattoirs all over the world, for no good reason at all. I do it because justice for defenceless beings demands it. I do it because I want a less violent and more peaceful world. I do it because animal farming is so unsustainable that it is destroying the planet we are all supposed to be living upon. I do it because the wastefulness of the whole animal farming system means many of my fellow humans cannot eat at all, and 40,000 children a day die of hunger. Vegans do not talk about veganism enough.

Adrain on Society

Upon occasion, this vegan takes forays into the murky inner city of the land of the unrepentant omnivore. A fascinating travail it is, too. I found a guy who thought humans having incisors and canines “proves” we are “carnivores”.

Evidently he had never heard of pandas, nor molars. Nor had he presumably tried to tear into a whole animal using nothing but his puny, blunt front teeth. It would seem that the human mouth has actually evolved to suit a civilisation with a vast array of kitchenware.

I’d like to say this extraordinary opine struck me as unique, but I’ve heard it all before – including this other thought, expressed by someone within the same comment thread: vegans are annoying because they “bring veganism into everything.” In other words, it’s fine for people to be vegan, as long as they don’t throw it in other people’s faces. I wonder if that individual has…

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