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Thoughts about ‘waste’

August 15, 2016

Another thoughtful post from a vegan blogger.

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

sheep-1547720_960_720The notion of ‘waste’ as it pertains to substances derived from nonhumans is frequently a subject of heated debate. I see the topic mentioned most often in relation to eggs, but the practice of ‘waste prevention’ is also defended in connection with the wool sheared from the bodies of sheep as well as other substances derived from the lives and bodies of nonhuman animals. The general premise is that since these ‘products’ are being produced anyway, and since the beings who produce them don’t ‘seem’ to have any use for them, then it’s ‘wasteful’ for us not to use them. I’ve seen the same justification used about consuming dead flesh and using leather and other body parts; ‘the animals are dead anyway, it would be wasteful not to use them’. There’s even a tenuously related notion of it being somehow ‘respectful’ to use up every part of a nonhuman corpse and I find that particular fantasy to be breathtakingly…

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