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Thoughts about family and friends, and a heartfelt plea

July 25, 2016

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

goat-88987_960_720I suspect that a lot of friends and family who aren’t vegan, think of me as being like strict vegetarian who has become like that because they love animals. I live with cats, and am single so I suppose that adds to the impression. I suspect too, that because so many think that I’ve ‘gone soft’ over animals and adopted a crazy diet, they avoid asking me anything about veganism. Maybe they find my actions a bit embarrassing? They know how passionate I am about the subject and they don’t want to ‘set me off’. Maybe it’s a bit like after something really sad has happened – a death or some disaster – and we sometimes avoid mentioning it so as not to make the sadness fresh again, often serving to make the subject more obvious by the gap it leaves in the conversation when it would be natural and…

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