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Talking about eggs

July 25, 2016

Baking is the thing that most bothers me about eggs. Large numbers of them go into cakes. Baking programmes on tv are just repugnant, the amount of eggs that are cracked into bowls. I make perfectly delicious baked goods without eggs or dairy milk and am fed up of being excluded everywhere I go, because all the cakes and biscuits on offer contain some product which has come from an enslaved, maltreated, disrespected sentient creature. Even when people know there’s a vegan present, they still can’t be bothered to try to make some vegan cakes too. This, to me, isn’t hospitality, it’s rudeness. I don’t matter enough to bother about. Vegans are an inconvenient nuisance. We can attend, but we have to bring our own cakes if we want to eat. How unfriendly that is!

I am also, increasingly, put off even being in the company of people who have given no thought to me and no thought to the harm they are causing to defenceless animals and the environment, with their eating habits. Just for one occasion, because I am there, can they not refrain from their usual habits and be kind?

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

chicks-1433016_960_720Humans use the eggs from a number of different species of birds, including chickens, ducks, quail, guinea fowl, pheasants, rhea, ostrich and geese although by far the greatest number of these are chickens. The consumption of eggs is widely but mistakenly regarded by many as a practice where animals are not killed or harmed. The popular myth runs along the line that using egg laying birds, particularly hens, is ‘harmless’ and that providing they are not confined in ‘battery’ conditions, it is acceptable to take their eggs. This ‘justification’ has spawned spirited defences of ‘back yard’ production and I have lost count of the number of posts that I have seen, seeking to justify the use and consumption of eggs in this way. I have even, unbelievably, seen cases where ‘vegans’ seek to justify and defend giving away or selling eggs from rescued (!) hens to nonvegans, justifying this seal…

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