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Bust that post-referendum blues

June 25, 2016

Adrain on Society

Hello, and welcome to the Left-Wing Somewhat-Stretched Silver Lining Corner.

Let’s imagine possible consequences of leaving the EU that may sit not entirely unwell with left wing peoples.

Warning: spurious.  

1. David Cameron is no longer Prime Minister. You didn’t vote for him and he hasn’t done so well lately, so shuffling him out early feels like replacing a limping player you never liked for someone with less of a limp whom you potentially dislike less.

2. Whoever replaces him might come up with just one policy that you value highly. Think of all the things Cameron isn’t known for – maybe his replacement will have some unexpected plus points. Yes, even if it’s Boris. The man will have to stop blustering and buckle down. Who knows what that will look like.

3. There will be no great reduction in immigrants, because they are needed by employers. Immigrants are like calories; you…

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