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The difference between sex reassignment and conversion therapy

May 6, 2016

A blog written by my transgender son.

Adrain on Society

Sex reassignment is the process of turning a male body into a female one or vice versa, and conversion therapy is the process of attempting to change a gay brain into a straight brain. There are two wings of people who think of the two as being much the same process: people who are pro-gay but anti-trans; and people who believe in the efficacy of conversion therapy, and think that if sex reassignment ought to be allowed, conversion therapy ought to be as well.

Between the two, I think I would get on better at parties with the latter person. It’s misguided but almost sweet to suggest that if gay people want to be straight, they should be allowed to do so on the NHS – provided of course, that this form of expression is not simply disguising a belief that gay people should make themselves straight, as opposed to…

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