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More thoughts about emotion

April 12, 2016

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

sheep-351617_960_720pbI have written before about emotion and its engagement in the struggle for the acknowledgement of the basic rights of nonhuman individuals. I have previously considered how, when one is emotionally affected by the abhorrent practices that are perpetrated casually upon helpless, vulnerable animals, the admission of this is so frequently pounced on and mocked in an attempt to discredit one’s position.

Today I found myself returning to thoughts of emotional response, and the very personal and individual way that emotional response has become a more noticeable part of my everyday life since becoming vegan. I find that it is often those whom I have known longest that I find most difficult to talk to about the fundamental shift in my outlook that has taken place, and I know that many vegans share this experience.

Dis-empowerment and denial

I don’t have a vast social circle, ironically and largely due to the…

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