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March 12, 2016

As a person of strong moral opinions, who seldom researches any facts about what she writes, I am in total agreement with the writer of this blog.

The Vegan Logician

I’ve hit upon a common mistake people make when they read blogs and comment pieces. The mistake people are making is thinking that the person who writes the things expects it to be believed by everyone who reads it, word for word and point for point.

Once upon a time, and still in certain circles, people discussed “thought experiments”. Thought experiments are arguments or theories which are not there to be correct; they are there to be interesting. They are there to make people think, to consider the world a different way, to imagine a world of thought outside the box.

I’m not dissing the box. The box is good. Most scientific theory is firmly in the box. Even if it starts life out of the box, as information and evidence is gathered, it slowly climbs into the box and we all reference it when we make our most rational…

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