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Sock Mob #2

March 9, 2016

An account of my son’s night out with the homeless on the streets of London.

Adrain on Society

As I get off the train at Charring Cross station, I see two other members of the Sock Mob offering some items to homeless people sitting on the station floor, on the way to the meet-up point. I join them, and am immediately set upon by a dozen guys who seem to come from myriad hidden corners of the station. Evidently, when someone is offering tea, news travels fast.

From my sample observation, I determine that the mode average amount of desired sugar in a homeless man’s cup of tea is three teaspoons. I’m bent double in the middle of the station, making cups of tea for friends and friends of friends, privately thinking that by the time I get to the meet-up point, I’ll have none left for the actual rounds. As one of my companions observes: “I’m glad I don’t have to carry around a heavy thermos, but…

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