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How do I know we care?

February 20, 2016

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

DSC00831eI suppose it’s a fair question. Here I am, pouring out my heart about animals; why do I think anyone is interested? Why do I think anyone cares? Maybe it’s just me….? Certainly I’ve had comments and messages to the effect that it’s just me and no one is listening – it’s like  the ultimate ‘gotcha’; the counter argument to end all discussion. It goes along the lines of, ‘You’re wasting your breath, I don’t care about animals so I’ve no reason to stop using them,’ although it’s often less polite.

Well, I have to concede that I’m sure that there are people out there like that. I’ve lived long enough in the world to be quite hard to surprise. There are all sorts of people, with an infinite range of views; in fact almost any view we can conceive of, will have someone who holds it. But there are some…

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