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A night with the Sock Mob

February 17, 2016

My son, of whom I am immensely proud, for his good heart and also his talent for writing, wrote this blog about his experience on the streets of London with The Sock Mob.

Adrain on Society

I joined the “Sock Mob” for a walk around London this evening, offering socks, food and toiletries to the homeless. I’ve done this once before, and both times, socks themselves were in tragically short supply. But we probably can’t just call ourselves “the mob”.

Our first customer was new on the block. Fresh out of a hostel, he will be back there tomorrow. Tonight though, he’s on the streets, seemingly without any bedding. He’s all right for now – enough to be concerned that his sandwich be vegetarian, if possible. What he really wants is better shoes. His are uncomfortable on the arches of his feet; there’s something wrong with them, a defect he was born with.

As he accepts some fresh vegetable soup, a couple of his peers come up behind us. They’re looking for tea, coffee, or anything hot (but preferably tea or coffee). The elderly woman and…

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