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For The Love Of Badgers.

February 15, 2016

So many people are against the badger cull, but few of them are vegan.

For the love of badgers, all those opposed to slaughtering them should, at the very least, stop supporting the dairy industry.

If there were no dairy industry, there would be no bovine TB and the UK government would not have any excuse to kill badgers.

This is wildlife crime, committed by our own government, sanctioned by everyone who drinks milk, eats cheese, yogurt, ice cream and anything else made with dairy milk. Even chocolate.

Badgers are being killed for cheese and chocolate.

Yet another casualty of the bloody dairy industry – yes it is bloody. There are rivers of blood – male calves and older cows, brutally slaughtered as ‘waste’ and ‘no more use’. And badgers.  The 2013 cull set a target of 5,000 to be killed.

For the love of badgers, ditch the dairy. For the love of all animals, go vegan.


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  1. Well said. Until people make the connection that the exploitation of farmed animals has given rise tho the mass exploitation of all species, we will be fighting an uphill battle. Continuing to address and decry the devastating result of these industries is an important step. Thank you.

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