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Living in a Sweet Dream

February 14, 2016

Having now been vegan for 3 years,  I live each day in some sort of sweet dream.

The reality around me,the one where other animals are just here on earth as playthings, convenient objects to experiment upon, food items and sources of garments is not the one I care to inhabit.

Instead, the eye of my mind is on some future that vegans live and work to create.

Each meal I prepare and eat is a protest against the reality and a meditation on the dream, another piece fitted into the picture of this new world.  Meals have become like prayers.

I have joy in my heart because I live in my dream.  It is like a path of light threading through an oppressive blackness. I am glad to have found this path, to be walking it and seeing ahead, knowing I am helping to create a kinder world for all beings.

The darkness that surrounds my path is the suffering of billions of defenceless animals, and their screams of pain and terror. I encounter many people on my way; they cross my path and they walk for a little alongside it, but most do not join me. Instead they continue to inhabit the dark place and their daily actions and choices add to the darkness. It is deep and thick and impossible to see through except for a few chinks which let in some of the light. Vegans are the chinks in that darkness.

In my sweet dream, there are no animal farms. Instead there are sanctuaries.  There is no more breeding of any animals for profit. People value wildlife and make space for the free born creatures alongside them. Orchards and glasshouses full of vegetables have replaced the slaughterhouses.  Pastures have become crop fields, parks, woodlands and wild flower meadows. The animals who graze and shape the countryside are loved companions, treated with respect and kindness. There are no more ear tags, brandings, tooth and horn cuttings, no more cages, circuses with animal acts and no more zoos. People shoot animals with cameras, not guns.

I am vegan for the hope of a world without violence. It is a sweet dream of peace. My purpose now is to  envision it and to let my actions and choices be its building blocks. May its fulfilment grow closer every day in every way.









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One Comment
  1. I too live in this world, I, like you,have great hope for the future and even for the present. I imagine that veganism is now and my heart soars.
    I am thankful for those are saved and heartbroken, but respectful of those we could not save. We strive for all their sakes to bring an end to the violence, hoping finally for peace on this earth for all nations of animals.
    This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing.

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