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Being vegan – thoughts and disappointments

September 13, 2015

I have been vegan for nearly three years. The biggest disappointment of this vegan life is other people’s continued refusal to become vegan. It’s a no brainer for me – the most compassionate way of life a person can adopt. I can’t understand why so many resist it. This is the biggest sorrow of my vegan life.

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Foto de Ed WrayGetty Images el día 20Febrero2013 Photo by Ed Wray shows two friends awaiting their deaths in a slaughterhouse

I became vegan largely due to gut instinct.  By that I mean that when I read the truth about the dairy and egg industries, I suddenly realised that my victims were just like me, with hopes and needs, with bonds that bound them to friends and family, desperate to protect their children and knowing the gut-wrenching anxiety that every parent knows. I knew that I had been utterly in the wrong and I had no excuses. The bottom fell out of my world.

I think that’s true of many people although I have no doubt that others are swayed to become vegan by reasoned discussion and debate. So although your experience may differ, I’m sharing this from my own perspective because it’s my truth and it’s what I know best.

As I’ve written before, I’m a mother, so I have laboured to…

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