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Once upon a time

August 11, 2015

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

1209276_646779798686839_92797033_nWhen we are not vegan and we look for labels like ‘free range’, ‘welfare approved’, ‘organic’, ‘grass fed’ and the like, it tells us something about ourselves that we rarely think through.

In my own case, as I trawled the supermarket shelves hugging my belief in myself as an animal lover, the message that I did not heed at the time was that I acknowledged the potential for harm to the individuals whose bodies I was using and consuming, and that I sought to minimise the impact of my choices. Little did I know that these labels are a marketing strategy designed to target people exactly like I was, providing meaningless salve for an uncritical conscience. So why on earth didn’t I make different choices?

Childhood tales

Born and raised a speciesist, as were most of us, I did not closely examine my behaviour. I believed that I already knew all…

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