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Choices, choices

July 22, 2015

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

cowAs this is a vegan page, I’m assuming that you have concern for animals. I also expect that you do not like to think of them suffering and that you would like to do something to alleviate any suffering they may experience. So far, I hope I’ve not lost anyone.

Imagine that you are given a number of choices.

  1. Sign petitions against the use of fur/ the killing of dolphins/ the consumption of animals that you consider to be ‘pets’, in countries other than your own;
  2. Write to national TV stations explaining why they should not air cooking shows promoting veal/ foie gras;
  3. Send emails to protest against battery farming of chickens/ factory farming/ live transport conditions;
  4. Write letters of opposition to planning applications by companies proposing to build facilities to breed animals for chemical and drug testing;
  5. Write to politicians to demand that they support bans on fox hunting/ badger/ wolf/ seal culling;
  6. Spend an hour each…

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