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The charade that disowns violence

July 3, 2015

I hate violence. It is why I am vegan. Being vegan might save the world, it might not, but being vegan is about living my values. Peace, non violence, a dream of a world where we don’t keep endorsing cruelty. If individual humans are violent and cruel in thought, word or deed, this makes the human race, violent and cruel. We are, as a species, the sum of our individual actions and responses to the world about us.

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

1014001_620657274634557_1708352362_nNo matter how much we claim to ‘love animals’ and ‘hate cruelty’, no matter how many people we tell, how many inspirational quotes we share, there is no getting round the fact that being vegan is the only way to make our actions align with our words.

When we are not vegan, we live in the midst of a web of violence, supporting violence, spending our cash as consumers creating demand for violence and ensuring that the bloodbath that is nonvegan consumer demand will continue to be profitable for those who supply it. We take part in an elaborate charade, pointing our fingers at others whose behaviour towards animals we feel entitled to criticise, disowning our own participation in the horror through this charade.

We smile and we chat as we walk round supermarkets wearing wool and silk and leather, deliberating over nonvegan toiletries and cleaning substances; with recipes in mind, scooping up dismembered…

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