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May 26, 2015

I haven’t eaten an egg for over two and a half years. I haven’t missed them, though some vegans do. I am reading a book by Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns, it is called The Holocaust and The Henmaid’s Tale and compares the atrocities perpetrated on defenceless birds in the Egg Industry, with the crimes against those the Nazis considered inferior and undesirable in wartime Europe.

Here are some wonderful egg free recipes:

Hens do not just lay eggs that are freely available for the taking. They are bred deliberately to overproduce, and this gives them prolapses and horrible infections. They would lay only 2 or 3 times a year, naturally, and raise their chicks. Removing the eggs stimulates more laying to replace the lost clutch. Humans, of course, have exploited this natural strategy for survival to the full.

We don’t keep cockerels, because they can’t lay eggs. Few are needed as sperm donors, so most male chicks are ‘trash’ to the industry. Many are simply discarded in rubbish bags and left to suffocate and die, many others are fed, still alive, through an industrial mincer.

They emerge from their shells in a vast hatchery, never seeing their mothers, and meet this fate. If they are one of the ‘lucky’ ones, and are female, and healthy, they will become egg laying machines like the mothers they never knew.

Hens make wonderful, caring mothers. They have many conversational, ‘purring’ sounds that they use to bond with their chicks. They tenderly tuck them under their wings next to their beating hearts, amongst the soft feathers, protected and safe.

But no chicks in the Egg Industry experience this. All they hear from inside their shells as they grow is the hum of the generator. They listen for their mother’s calls, but only hear this. They listen for their siblings’ cheeps and hear a confusion of sounds from thousands of eggs. They emerge to nothing but a crowded incubating pen in a sea of fluff. There is no wing to hide beneath, no comforting calls from their mother, no fresh air, nothing that would make life good. This is all their life is, and for many it will soon be gruesomely ended.

This is what you pay for when you buy a box of eggs. Free range is no different – this is the beginning for them all.

Whatever life of ‘service’ to human appetite the hen lives, whether it is battery or free range, the end is the same. After only about 18 months, they go to slaughter. Why? Because they are no longer able to lay enough eggs for a profit. So, unless rescued by some caring person, they are trash, a spent resource. They could live another 5 years at least.

Farming sentient beings in this manner is inhumane and immoral. Most animal products sold are from factory farms because most people will not pay the premium prices that would be required to farm living beings with true kindness – giving them the best life possible before slaughter. But even if all farms were as kind as could be, they still cannot be justified on any ethical grounds.No prime age, healthy individual goes to his or her death happily.

Animal agriculture in all its forms is responsible for more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than the transport sector. It uses up a phenomenal amount of fresh water across all its operations, when many people in the world have no clean, safe, drinking water. It has been responsible for desertification and rainforest destruction. Farming animals on a grand scale, to get cheap protein, is immensely cruel and thoroughly unsustainable. It can never feed all the people now living on the earth

Plant based living could. There would be enough for all, if all of us were content to live on plants. And the world would be immeasurably kinder if we did.


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