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When is the truth, an attack?

May 18, 2015

The biggest regret of my life is the harm my eating habits have caused in this world. My ignorance is no excuse. I am responsible -my choices were mine. I am able to forgive myself because I was brought up to support abuse of other animals through ‘farming’ them, brought up to disconnect my empathy completely from the absent referents of the lump of meat on my plate, over and over again. The sickening result of complete ’empathy switch off’ can be seen in Hitler’s treatment of the people he despised and sought to eradicate from the earth.

Sadly it is too easy for human beings to teach themselves to have no compassion. Wars show us this every day. I agree with Dr Will Tuttle (The World Peace Diet) that the violence we ingest daily,from infancy, on our plates. through eating the products of brutal slaughter, creates the spirit of violence in our world. It comes back at us in all our aggression to one another. I am sorry I raised my own boys to eat in the same ignorant and unethical way that I was taught to do. ‘The sins of the fathers shall visit the children, from generation to generation’ as it says in the Bible – that seems to be a truism, until the cycle is broken. Going vegan breaks the cycle. We can alter our course if we choose. I chose – finally. When I knew. When someone told me the unvarnished truth. When someone did me the honour of believing I could handle it and didn’t patronise me with expecting less of me. I now tell others this truth – that they are eating animals, participating in immense cruelty and none of it is necessary or acceptable for moral beings to do.

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Yet again, today I saw comments by ‘vegans’ demanding the end of ‘attacks’ on people for not being vegan. Specifically, it was stated that those who are ‘vegetarian’ or only eat some ‘animal products’ should not be ‘attacked’, but rather praised for their efforts.

Such comments still surprise me because once we understand the reality of veganism as an ethical stance and not a menu choice, once we reject the concept of regarding others as commodities and resources, we realise that it’s not incremental. That’s not being purist, it’s just a fact. We can’t be ‘partly vegan’ any more than we can be ‘a bit dead’ or ‘slightly pregnant’. We continue to cause needless harm, or we stop. We deliberately cause death or we don’t. It’s that straightforward. In particular there are no compromise positions where we can minimise our personal inconvenience and congratulate ourselves on our ethical awareness, while continuing to demand and finance the nonvegan bloodbath.

Please note as…

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