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What’s in a word?

May 6, 2015

Another good, vegan blog to put on my own site. All animals are our kin. They are persons in non human shape. Individuals with their own, unique personalities and ways of being. They should all receive our respect. We should be striving, always, to live here doing the least harm that we can. I am convinced that the majority of humans are just NOT doing this.

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

Hugletts Wood Sanctuary Mother and baby, safe at Hugletts Wood Farm Sanctuary

In a recent post I referred to the victims of humanity’s persecution as our nonhuman kin. A comment was made along the lines that they weren’t my ‘kin’ unless I was ‘a son of a bitch’. Of course I’m under no obligation to post offensive remarks on any page, and I mention it here only because it’s not an unusual sort of comment and it sparked the thoughts that resulted in this post.

I refer to our victims as kin quite deliberately, to emphasise that we have far more in common than is acknowledged in this nonvegan world. If anyone wishes to be pedantic, the dictionary would support my terminology by defining possible meanings ofkin as:

  • someoneorsomethingofthesameorsimilarkind;
  • ofthesamefamily;related;akin; 
  • aclassorgroupwithsimilarcharacteristics.

I deem it completely appropriate…

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