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Vegetarianism – a step in the wrong direction for me

May 3, 2015

I also had a vegetarian period in my youth. I lapsed. I know I will never stop being vegan. You can’t do that. It is a profound, life – changing experience. Your whole attitude alters. It is a rebirth.

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On Facebook it is always astonishing to me to witness how heatedly debates arise between long-term vegetarians and those who advocate veganism. Vegetarianism is frequently proclaimed as a ‘step in the right direction’ and staunchly defended by so many who obviously are both sincere in their belief that it is ethical, and their assertion that it protects animals.  Ultimately each of us must answer to our own conscience and here I try to clarify my own experience.


I must stress here that this post specifically excludes any temporary changes we make in our lives during the period when we have decided to become vegan and are going through a phase of transition. During this period, each of us finds our own way to incorporate the practical aspects of veganism into our lives, a process that depends on our individual circumstances but is generally of limited duration.

The step

For me, vegetarianism was certainly ‘a step’…

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