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May 1, 2015

Vive La France! I hate ‘foreign country bashing’ because no nation is perfect, as this blog perfectly illustrates. I live in the UK – that fabled ‘nation of animal lovers’ which often seems like a sick joke to me. with our hunting, shooting, fishing set, still a ‘ruling elite’ with too much power, and our Tory government killing badgers with the excuse that they cause bovine TB, and all our medicines routinely tested on defenceless animals. Yep, we love animals alright, we compassionate Brits!

Vegan Empowerment


For some time now, I have noticed a lot of comments on various Facebook groups about the fact that the French are so behind with Veganism and animal rights. The French are “un-evolved”, “they don’t get Veganism”, “they don’t give a damn about animals”, “shame on them” and on and on. Yes I’ve seen these comments. In many ways, it is true that Veganism, from an ethical point of view, is, compared to the United States, probably about 20 years behind in its growth.

So I’d like to come out of the French closet for once and set certain things straight (and I’m ready for the inevitable backlash). First of all, yes indeed Veganism is not as wide-spread in France but so is Factory Farming, junk food, McDonalds, GMOs, etc… Maybe I just want to ask my American friends to have a little bit of perspective and be maybe a…

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