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The Vegan’s Dilemma

April 10, 2015

In a morality debate between vegans and meat-eaters, such as this one here, what do meat-eaters really want vegans to consider or to accomplish with their actions?

I encountered a meat-eater’s attempt to warn other meat-eaters about entering such a debate with vegans. At the end of the article, the ex-vegan author writes, “Good luck! You’ll need it, corpse munchers!” Overall, he does a pretty swell job dissuading meat-eaters from feeling too confident about their winning the debate.

However, he sneaks in a few arguments where he managed—superficially—to get a foothold against the vegans. He writes,

 As for veganism not causing harm, vegans know this is false, it’s just that they equivocate between “no harm,” and “causing less harm,” as [Gene] Baur did here. Even when they fess up to this, they have problems, because they have to show that a standard vegan lifestyle causes the least amount of harm…

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