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The Dream of a #Vegan Animal Sanctuary

April 10, 2015

I love this idea. I would love to help someone achieve this dream.

Stop Animal Exploitation

I’ve had a dream since I was a young child that hopefully I am about to fulfil! Whenever I passed a field with dairy cattle, bullocks, sheep or pigs I would have a lump in my throat knowing that the only freedom they would have is death. As soon as they were of no more use they would be shipped off to the abattoir. I became vegetarian at 13 years old back in the 80’s and now vegan. I first made the connection between animals and what I was eating at the age of 2 when I asked what was on my plate and told “Baa lamb” that was it! I refused lamb from then on.

Panda will be coming with us and she'll want friends Panda will be coming with us and she’ll want friends

What is my dream? To be able to afford some land and be able to ‘rescue’ some pre-slaughter animals, cows, sheep, pigs, horses, ex-battery…

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