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A Short One

April 10, 2015

I find that I have very little time for blogging here. I tend to read blogs from other vegans and reblog them and share them on instead. This is pure laziness on my part, perhaps, for I have much to say and could write a blog a day. The trouble is, people don’t read them! I get more reward for the effort of saying my bit on my Facebook page. Even when I share the link to my blogs, few of my friends read what I wrote, or sign up to follow me. I find this a bit discouraging. So I tend to do all my ‘blogs’as Facebook posts.

I have been vegan for just over two years. I will be 61 this year and have spent most of my life abusing animals by buying the products of slaughter to put on my dinner plate. I am not proud of this in the least. I do not defend or justify it. But I can’t change it. That is my past. When I went vegan I buried that old me, the one who just went along with the cultural madness of thinking other animals could possibly be ‘food’. That is a gross and immoral idea put about by those with a vested interest in parting us from our money. Free thinkers and people of courage do not listen to these voices, they listen to their hearts, and their hearts will tell them, always, that killing animals is a nasty, terrible thing to do and that morally motivated, compassionate people simply do not do this if they can possibly avoid it. And in this modern, urbanised world,avoiding it is easy.


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