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Bright Aisles, Dark Alleys

February 19, 2015

I am also one dedicated to ‘getting in the way’. I am not brave and would not like to be hurt but if I saw someone beating up a dog, I would intervene. Wouldn’t you? So why not get in the way of other animals being beaten up and slaughtered, by being vegan? We can block the funding channel and so, get in the way of profitability for the violent industries which exploit other sentient creatures and lie to us about what they do, refuse to show the horrors and keep us in thrall to their myth of how happy the animals are to be abused, tortured and murdered. Go vegan. Get in the way of violence.

Great Middle Way

10349086_10205392592715415_7257494644106864853_n―a brief address by Tashi Nyima to the Richardson Interfaith Alliance (TX) during the Thanksgiving Observance

There is a quote in tonight’s program that reads: “Having abandoned the taking of life, refraining from the taking of life, we dwell without violence, with the knife laid down —scrupulous, full of mercy— trembling with compassion for all sentient beings.”  ―Buddha Shakyamuni

When people think of Buddhist monks, if they think of us at all, they imagine that we dwell in clouds of incense, smiling serenely, unperturbed, meditating on nothing. But, as you just read, we are not called to drift placidly in emptiness, but to “tremble with compassion for all sentient beings”.

I thought that the mention of ‘trembling’ was just a rhetorical device, until late one night, returning with my Teacher from visiting with refugees, when we passed by a dark alley and heard the cries of fear and pain of…

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