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Head and Body Mismatch?

February 8, 2015


Once I had a little girl who grew up and told us she was a boy.

She was always a boy, but we didn’t know it, and neither did she  for all of her childhood and part of her adolescence. So, in the past, we had Angela, and now we have Adrian, a third son.

It seems that gender is not fixed, but fluid. We have only recently become aware of this. What you look like on the outside may not be who you are on the inside. You can be born in the wrong body. This is not a choice. This just happens to you.

Adrian seems happy to have packed Angela away in a dark corner of his past. But there are photos. What does it feel like to be reminded of that younger persona and not wish to own her?

Angela, tomboy, eschewing all things feminine, romping…

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