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Reasons To Go Vegan

February 1, 2015

I will make this short. I could list so many reasons to go vegan that I would be writing an essay. There is no reason to not go vegan. If you ‘reason’ that it isn’t the right thing to do, you are being unreasonable. You are, in effect, saying that killing another living, breathing, sentient being is perfectly okay with you, and that you don’t much care how it is done, either. Is that person really you?

The main reason people don’t go vegan seems to be a long habit of switching off their empathy for the animals their culture randomly – and unreasonably – labels ‘food’.

To reason that making a change to your eating habits is ‘too difficult to manage’ seems, to this vegan, just a tad pathetic. 2000 animals per second are killed by the animal agriculture industry which you who reason you cannot be vegan support, every day, with your purchases of animal products. Why are you continuing to do this? It is just habit, isn’t it? It’s easier to just carry on what you have always done, and not think about all the pain you are causing, all out of your sight and hearing, while you turn away and are too ‘sensitive’ to take a proper look.

Flesh is not food. You have been taught wrongly from infancy. Get over it. Change. Go vegan.

Here are some resources that might help you with this.


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