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Why I am Vegan.

November 28, 2014

I was asked to post on Facebook why I was vegan. Below is what I wrote. It is the truth from my heart and I hope, if you are not vegan, and you read it, and share my values, you will also decide to become vegan. The world needs a lot more kindness in it.

I am Vegan because one day, a Unitarian Facebook friend took the vegan pledge from The Vegan Society and added me to a group, where I met a number of committed vegans. The things I read from posts in that group, about what happens, routinely, to dairy cows and their calves, shook me to the core. I was already a member of a Unitarian community in North London, a place called New Unity, and being encouraged by the teachings there, to extend my compassion and to respect the interconnectedness of life. We sang songs with lines like ‘our world is one world, what touches one affects us all’ and chants with powerful words like ‘may I be filled with loving kindness, may I be well, may I be happy and at peace, may I be whole’. I found myself deeply troubled, having read the posts from vegans in the group I had recently joined. I felt that I could not, in all sincerity, say or sing these kinds of words or wholeheartedly enter into the compassionate ethic of my Unitarian community if I were not vegan.
I have been a wildlife lover and someone very concerned for the environment for many years and had never understood fully before, the huge damage animal agriculture was doing to the planet, and nor had I properly made the spiritual connection between Western style food choices and world hunger.
I am a lover of justice and a person who hates violence, primarily. I do not see that it matters who the victims of these things are, human or non human, every act of cruelty or aggression against another sentient earthling seems, to me, deeply wrong. I now also firmly believe that killing another being can never be acceptable when there is a choice not to do so. And so I am vegan.


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